Welcome to football Escrow

The benefits of football escrow:

Football escrow allows clubs to transfer the rights of players, by using a neutral third party to monitor and complete the transaction.

Peace of mind for the individual clubs:

To ease the process of trading players between clubs Escrow.com will help the clubs verify payment for player moving from one club to another club. Upon verification of the funds, the team giving up the player will be notified to release his rights to the other club and then the funds will be released. Both teams are protected, knowing that both teams are protected by the paymaster of Escrow.com.

Confidence for clubs:

Escrow.com does not release the money until the team they are moving clears the player. Once the team has cleared the player. The other will receive his rights fees.

Low fees:

The low cost of the escrow service can be shared between the two clubs, or can be paid by either one of the clubs separately.

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